Confluence Library

Since 2011, the Confluence Story Gathering project has conducted interviews with more than forty Indigenous Elders and leaders from the Columbia River system. Learn more about the history of this project and what protocol to follow when using these videos.

Tony Johnson explains how the Chinook would not leave their homeland and how their treaty was never ratified.

Tony Johnson discusses the revitalization of canoe culture among the Chinook Nation and the importance of children being raised with that culture.

Tony Johnson talks about the philosophies of the longhouse and canoe culture.

Tony Johnson describes the experience of the Chinook receiving recognition in 2001 and having it revoked only eighteen months later.

Tony Johnson describes the difference between the Native and non-Native version of Chinook Wawa and the different languages Chinook Wawa is made up of.

Tony Johnson explains how traditional stories tell of reality and are more than “myths.”

In this video, Johnny Jackson describes the signing of the Walla Walla Treaty and the importance of learning his history.

Johnny Jackson talks about the chief system, place names, and the history of the river.

Johnny Jackson talks about protecting sacred sites along the river and resisting the reservations.