Confluence Library Submissions

Many of our pieces for the library are solicited from our organizational and tribal partners. However, we do accept public submissions on an ongoing basis. Our priority is material that advances our mission to connect people with the history, living cultures and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices. Please do not submit articles that do not relate to these themes.

If you are interested in providing a piece for the library, please email

  • Currently, we need more articles that fall under the themes of Sovereignty, First Foods, Lewis and Clark from a Native Perspective, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
  • Please start out by emailing us a pitch, around a paragraph long. If we are interested, we will ask to see the piece or talk more in-depth.
  • We require Indigenous authors.
  • We use the Chicago Manual of Style in our library. Your article does not need to be in Chicago Style but do keep in mind that it will need to be edited, if accepted, to fit Chicago.
  • We will reply within a week to your pitch.
  • We pay $300 dollars per article. Because of a constrained budget, we can only accept a limited amount of articles.
  • Copyrights and permissions depend upon each case and will be a conversation between you and us.