In the Community

Confluence in the Community connects tribes, civic organizations, environmental groups, and education partners to keep Confluence sites as thriving hubs of activity.

Story Gatherings

First-person storytelling has a unique power to deepen our understanding of the histories, cultures, and environment that surrounds us. Confluence Story Gatherings are welcoming forums that feature the stories of native elders, told in their own voices, as a way to explore the interconnectedness of people and places of the Columbia River system. The events will feature video or audio selections of first-person narratives, followed by a discussion led by a panel of native elders, leaders, and writers.

Road Trips

A Confluence Road Trip allows you to dig deeper into the storied landscape of the Columbia River. Time at sites of cultural and environmental significance with Indigenous speakers is a chance to hear first-person insights into Native culture and history. You will come away with a richer understanding of tribal sovereignty, cultures based on reciprocity, and the legacy of Native resilience. Confluence Road Trips are designed for educators, including classroom teachers, but anyone who is curious is welcome.

Partner Events

Confluence works with our partners to put on events such as work parties at the Vancouver Land Bridge, concerts by Hunter Noack at Cape Disappointment, and participate in events such as Heritage Days at the Sacajawea State Park.

To stay updated on current Confluence events, follow our Community Calendar.

Story Gathering in Astoria
As part of the Confluence Road Trip, attendees were invited by the Chinook Nation to Bay Center for a Salmon Bake