Confluence Library

This is the recording of our May 6th event, Confluence Conversations: Voices of Family in Land and Sky with Emily Washines and Josiah Pinkham, who discussed finding resilience, comfort, and strength in times of challenge.

On May 20th, Patricia Whitefoot (Yakama Nation), Elizabeth Woody (Warm Springs), and Chuck Sams (Umatilla) joined together for a thoughtful exploration of this theme in light of our country’s colonial legacy and Indigenous people’s enduring spirit and cultural resilience.

Greg Archuleta talks about both the history of tribal canoe culture and the current importance of it.

Greg Archuleta talks about the return of plants and seeds and how tribes adapt plant uses.

Aurelia Stacona talks about her Native name and naming ceremonies for babies.

Aurelia Stacona discusses her journey in beadwork.

Aurelia Stacona talks about her work in the church and in founding a 12 step program.

Aurelia Stacona talks about her love of beadwork and passing it on to her grandchildren.

Tanna Engdahl discusses the movements of the sky, origin stories, and how words passed on knowledge.