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Tanna Engdahl talks about the Cowlitz spiritual connection and the determination not to leave their homeland.

Tanna Engdahl talks about the Cowlitz were in constant movement and used canoes and the rivers to travel.

Tanna Engdahl discusses the Cowlitz connection to horses.

Tanna Engdahl talks about working with what the Creator gave the Cowlitz and the art of weaving and canoe making.


Tanna Engdahl about harvesting and not taking too much, in preparation for future generations.

in this excerpt, Dr. Virginia Beavert tells how rattlesnake challenged eel to race, to try to steal eel’s identity.

Roberta Conner describes winter villages and tributaries, communal knowledge, and the time of low water.

In this excerpt, Bill Yallup describes talks about Spilyay (Coyote) and agreements between humans and salmon.

Dr.Virginia Beavert talks about the importance of thanking and talking to plants and medicines.

Tanna Enghdal (Cowlitz) speaks about tribal land management.