Chief Delvis Heath: The End of the World

This is an excerpt from an interview with Chief Delvis Heath. Chief Delvis Heath tells a story of elderly Native woman who predicted the coming of the pioneers and later, the end of the world.

The following is a transcription of this video:
“But an elderly lady and an old man told me [in Sahapitan]. This lady’s an Indian doctor and she could do, she knows a lot of things, she made a fire and looked into the fire and could see the pioneers coming. Big long-horned animals and long bear people are coming. And she could see all the future things. She even saw the end of the world. She wrote [in Sahapitan]. This land’s going to end by people. That’s going to get like more ants and they’re not going to get along, they’re going to fight each other. That’s going to be the end of this land. The mountains going to be mad now and erupt. That’ll take this land now and just end this world. That lady saw Fort Clatsop when the pioneers came and they know so they’ll be coming a time when this earth is going to end. So I’m hoping I’m not around when that happens.”


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