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In this episode, we talk with Tanna Engdahl, the spiritual leader for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, located in Southwest Washington state

In this article, Keri E. Iyall Smith (Cowlitz) details how, by taking cues from Indigenous Peoples who see the natural world as relatives, equal to humans, entitled to protections and thoughtful (minimal) use, it is possible to shift away from attitudes that expanded in the colonial era, which see land as a thing to be conquered and with resources to be extracted.

Tanna Engdahl discusses the knowledge behind Cowlitz trading and crafting.

Tanna Engdahl discusses trading with tribes upriver.

Tanna Engdahl discusses the movements of the sky, origin stories, and how words passed on knowledge.

Tanna Engdahl talks about the loss due to disease and because of land grabs, and how the Cowlitz formed a core stronghold in response.

The theme of this video is resilience and survival. 4 Native individuals talk about resilience, survival, river rights, and the fight for recognition. By Tule Films with support from the National Endowment from the Arts.

Mike Iyall (Cowlitz) talks about marriage tradition and taboo among the Cowlitz.

Mike Iyall (Cowlitz) talks about continent-wide trade between tribes.

Mike Iyall (Cowlitz) talks about the impact of disease.

Mike Iyall talks about what being Cowlitz means to him.

Mike Iyall (Cowlitz) talks about the cultural losses caused by disease.

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about adapting to new tools and technology.

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about traditional ecological knowledge.

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about dealing with discrimination with her grandmother.

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about the adoption of written language and its use in gaining tribal recognition.

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about her grandmother’s combination of Cowlitz culture with Catholic beliefs. 2:01.

The densest population of native peoples north of Mexico, the Lower Chinook, Klickitat, and Cowlitz all made the Vancouver area their home. As companies and settlers encroached, the tribes were scattered from this area.