Tanna Engdahl: Using the White Man’s Tools

Tanna Engdahl (Cowlitz) talks about adapting to new tools and technology. 00:51.

Tanna Engdahl is a Cowlitz Elder and spiritual leader. She is also an associate supervisor of the Clark Conservation District and a board member with the Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Her past career has included work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, working as Public Affairs Chief for both NPS and Bureau of Land Management. She is the founder of the Cowlitz Medicine Women.


In the 30s, maybe the 40s, we had our first Cowlitz attorney. That understanding of being able to use the white man’s tools in such a way that benefited us. That was another gift we think the Creator brought us. Take whatever we have around us and use it in such a way to continue the power of the Cowlitz. The Cowlitz spirit.

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