Shirley Stahi: Told “I Know You Can Do This”

This is an excerpt from an interview with Shirley Stahi, the wife of Chief Delvis Heath. Here, she describes her journey of working in education. 1:17

Transcription: The following is a transcript of this video
So after a while I think, I went back to school. I decided I need to go back to school. So I went, they used to have GED classes in Warm Springs and so it was you know your [Delvis Heath’s] grandmother 7 that got me started into going back to classes. She had me all lined up for this job at the school and she said I know you can do this. After I got my GED she came to my house she says I know you can do this. I see how you work with kids, your own kids, other kids. You can do this, you can go and work at the school. I thought I don’t think I can do that. She said yes, you can. Don’t say I don’t think I can, say yes I can. You know how your grandmother was, she was always giving good words. And so that got me started in working at this Warm Springs elementary for, I think I was there for almost twenty years.

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