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In this video learn how to navigate Confluence Library using categories, tags, and collections. In addition, we go over how you can save items for your personal library.

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Hello and welcome to the Confluence Digital Library. I’m Colin Fogarty executive director of Confluence and I’m going to walk you through how you can use this library of videos, photo galleries and resources as a tool for education and exploration. This online presence is one way Confluence accomplishes our mission to connect people with the history, living cultures and ecology of the Columbia River system.

OK, let’s get started. As you will see our website includes many features such as a community calendar, directions to our River Sites by Maya Lin and others, along with a map of the Columbia RIver system.

In this exercise we’re going to focus on the Confluence Library, which you can find if you click on this menu and navigate to the library itself.

At the top of the page, you will see the user agreement which lays out some guidelines for sharing and using this content. You’ll see it is fundamentally about respecting our interviewees who generously shared their stories and perspectives for educational purposes.

The Confluence Library is organized by categories and subcategories. These match our mission: history, living cultures and ecology, along with a broad category we call education. Clicking on one of the main categories, such as History will reveal subcategories.

In addition, you can navigate the library by medium: Read, Watch, Listen and View.

You can also combine both methods, for example using view and History reveals these historical images.

The library is also organized by tags. The tags are located at the bottom of a post. You’ll see ones such as Salmon, Columbia River, or plants. You will also see tagged collections, such as this one – Coyote’s Agreement with Salmon.

You also can always just search the library and it will use tags and keywords to find your results.

Finally, you can save any item you wish to your own private library. Sign up here. And just so you know, this is your private sign up for this website and your own collections. This doesn’t sign you up for our newsletter or anything. Once you are signed up, you can navigate back to the library. To save an item, click on this grey star. Once it’s saved, the star will be orange and you can find it in your saved items.

We hope this has been helpful in navigating a resource we plan to build upon in the coming years. So keep coming back to confluence project dot org. Thank you for listening and keep in touch.

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