Johnny Jackson: The River Shows That “We’re Still One People.

Johnny Jackson talks about his beliefs and spirituality.

Bio: Johnny Jackson is a respected elder and honorary Columbia River Chief representing the Cascades Band. He served in the army in the ‘50s and has been a fisherman for many years. Currently he serves as a Yakama Commissioner for the Columbia River Inter Tribal Fish Commission’s (CRITFC). Johnny Jackson is not only a strong advocate for fishing rights, but is outspoken in preserving cultural places and protecting places/resources from further development and deterioration. He lives near the confluence of the Columbia and White Salmon rivers in Underwood, WA.


“There’s a lot of history about the river. And a lot of that is spiritual in the way the people who believed and followed in this spiritual way. Of the respectin’ the Wy-kan-ush and the river and the land itself and each other. And today I look at that. We’re still one people. But a lot of them say there’s different names like Warm Springs and Yakama. But if you go way back in the history you’ll see that they were one. And that’s what I want to do, is bring them back together, as one.”

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