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The theme of this video is Celilo Falls. Five Native individuals talk about Celilo Falls and the Columbia River. By Tule Films with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) speaks to Confluence in Ichishkíin Sɨ́nwit about education. English transcription included.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) talks about activism for fishing rights, including going to the federal court to object to families being charged for fishing out of season.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) talks about the river, fishing, and concerns about resources.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) talks about young peoples’ interest in culture and heritage.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) talks about Tommy Thompson, Flora Thompson, and the loss of Celilo Falls.

Virginia Beavert (Yakama) talks about the loss of Celilo Falls and its impact on fishing.

The World Wars brought a number of changes to the Vancouver-Portland area, including the introduction of women to the industrial labor force. Among those women were Native American women brought to work as welders.