Friday Friend Tour – Confluence Land Bridge

August 2, 2019
10:00 am
Vancouver Land Bridge

This Columbia River site was a crossroads of trade long before the Hudson’s Bay Company established it as a colonial trading post. Lewis and Clark camped here, and Fort Vancouver was built here 20 years later. Today, the site features a 40-foot wide earth-covered pedestrian bridge that arcs over State Route 14, reconnecting historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River.

Join Executive Director Colin Fogarty for a tour of the Confluence Land Bridge to hear about the history of this landscape and the origins of Confluence. Friday Friend Tours are designed for the Friends of Confluence, donors who make our work possible, and anyone they would like to invite along. Not yet a Friend of Confluence? Support this work today!

The Land Bridge is a one-third of a mile walk over a paved footpath with a mild grade. The takes about an hour. Lunch is an option afterward at various locations in Vancouver a short drive from the Land Bridge.

Find more information and directions here.