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Two family members, Emily Washines (Yakama)and Josiah Pinkham (Nez Perce), discuss finding resilience, comfort, and strength in times of challenge.

Bryson Liberty talks about the Pendleton Roundup and his mother’s role in it.

Wilfred and Bessie Scott (Nez Perce) talk about military action against the Nez Perce that killed several children, including Bessie’s then-five-year-old great-aunt.

Louie Pitt (Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs) talks about the teachings of elders and the importance of always learning about ways of life.

Leah Conner (Umatilla) talks about her family’s seasonal work travels.

Leah Conner (Umatilla) talks about an attack on her family by militia which killed her great-grandparents.

Mike Iyall (Cowlitz) talks about marriage tradition and taboo among the Cowlitz.