Off-Site Resources for Teachers

This is a list of off-site resources that can be helpful for teachers.

Download a PDF version Resources for Teachers (Confluence)

Grande Ronde Online Library –


Since Time Immemorial www.indian‐ www.indian‐‐school‐curriculum/wa‐celilo‐falls‐dalles‐dam/  This is Washington State’s mandated requirement to teach Native history and culture in classrooms. Oregon teachers might still find this helpful since it is similar to the requirements put forth by Senate Bill 13.

Museum of the American Indian

The Oregon Encyclopedia

Washington State Historical Society‐columbia/culture/celilo‐ falls.htm

Museum at Warm Springs

Crow’s Shadow Institute Pendleton A hotbed for talented printmakers

Yakama Nation Museum and Cultural Center Links to history of Yakama Nation

Tamastslikt Cultural Institute Pendleton

Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership‐and‐field‐programs‐ grades‐2‐12 This is a non‐profit group that leads canoe trips so that students may learn about the natural history of the river from the river. The farthest east they go is of Bonneville, however. It’s free to teachers and students, and a very popular program. They book out months in advance.

Oregon Historical Society‐exhibits/oregon‐is‐indian‐country.cfm Oregon Historical Society program (developed with the tribes) from a few years ago. Go to downloads in lower right corner for brochure and student magazine.‐oregon‐history‐ project/teachers/lesson‐plans/elementary‐school/native‐american‐culture‐in‐oregon.cfm

Gorge Discovery Center: The Life and Times of Columbia River Salmon /Early Inhabitants of the Columbia Gorge

Maryhill Museum: Native People of North America /Meet the Columbia River People Best for Grades 4–12.

The Cathlapotle Plankhouse Chinookan Plankhouse located on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge



Celilo Falls video:

Lewis & Clark Tribal Legacies Project http://lc‐‐ Digital archive presenting tribal perspective on our shared history

See Through the Water

Celilo Falls, Oregon ­1956

Echo of Water Against Rocks

Celilo Finished‐‐slide show with narration

Lillian Pitt on Oregon Art Beat:

Pat Courtney Gold‐EpXU6PfMzY


 Celilo Falls Special issue, Oregon Historical Quarterly:

Legends by reading level. Vetted by tribes. Project done in 1972

The Dalles Dam and Celilo, A segment that is focused on resources related to Celilo,

A six­page history of Celilo that includes images and documents, written by Katy Barber,

Death of Celilo Falls by Katrine Barber.

In Defense of Wyam by Katrine Barber.

Columbia River Inter­tribal Fish Commission

Images of Celilo: v&ei=2uiVTufQM8jniAK RrumpDQ&ved=0CEcQsAQ&biw=1061&bih=527

Celilo Images:

Essay by Elizabeth Woody

Marie Watt ­ Blanket Stories Marie Watt is in New York now, but this video shows her contemporary take on traditional arts.

Journey Book from the Confluence Project

The First Oregonians, by Laura Berg http://www.native‐

Nez Perce Trail (National Historic Trail/ Parents/Teachers)