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May 12, 2010

Creating an archive for enduring access

In 2002, Confluence Project set out to inspire the future preservation of our cultural and natural resources. This summer will see the completion of the fourth of seven planned installations—the...   more >

March 1, 2010

Interpretive Panels Exhibit at Cape Disappointment

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is seeking public comment through March 31 on the new "Gaia in Your Backyard" interpretive panels on display at the Lewis and...   more >

December 9, 2009

Awards for Waterfront Excellence

Each year The Waterfront Center recognizes projects from across the globe for their contributions to waterfront development excellence. This year, Confluence Project garnered the Center's highest awards at The Waterfront...   more >

December 8, 2009

Sacajawea Update

Confluence Project prepares to enter the construction phase at Sacajawea. Due to seasonal conditions, construction has been rescheduled to occur at the beginning of March 2010. While waiting to break...   more >


Before The End Of The Year, Help Connect Students Kids To Columbia River Cultures

November 21, 2016

Dear Friend of Confluence,

#ConfluenceConnects students to place through art and education by introducing them to native artists and tradition keepers who share what it means to be from the river, why art and culture are important, and how education creates change. Before the end of the year, help support this important work by supporting Confluence in the Classroom. The unique program brings indiginous educators into schools to do meaningful projects about the Columbia River system. Our indigenous educators bring the cultures and traditions of the river into the classroom and they lead the kids out to culturally significant sites. This work is more important than ever.

Contributions to Confluence are tax deductible. To enjoy that benefit on this year's returns, donate before December 31st! Thank you!