Standing in Solidarity with AAPI Communities

We at Confluence stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and all who condemn anti-Asian hate and violence. The mission of Confluence is to connect people to the history, living cultures, and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices. We do this to educate future generations and to invite people to reflect on what our history can teach us about creating a better future. We work in collaboration with artists; such as Maya Lin, who are profoundly affected by anti-Asian bias. Among Maya Lin’s many artistic milestones is the design of the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City. Our board member Thomas Lauderdale represents a confluence of musical traditions that epitomizes the rich multicultural sound of America.

Our work is designed to ask people to reimagine what it means to be American, to open up to a broader and more inclusive story of the homeland we share. The recent murders in Georgia is one act in a long history of hatred inflicted on Asian Americans. One way to replace racism and misogyny is to elevate the voices of systematically marginalized people so that together we can create a future based on equality.