Jane Jacobsen Cultural Scholarship

Jane Jacobsen Cultural Scholarship

The Jane Jacobsen Cultural Scholarship program will offer scholarships of $2,000 to three young Indigenous women or Indigiqueer people in the Clark County, Washington area who complete a meaningful project to explore and share their cultural traditions and expressions. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates of any age who are an enrolled citizen or descendent of Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian cultures.

Our goal is to inspire and support Indigenous women and Indigiqueer people to learn more about their cultural traditions, arts, crafts, language and other cultural skills and then to share what they learn with their peers, families, and community. This could include traditional crafts such as weaving and beading, and also take the form of videos, art, public events, or social media campaigns.

Scholarship recipients would have the opportunity to gather with and learn from Confluence’s community of Tribal artists and educators from multiple Columbia River Tribes.

To qualify, candidates must be Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian and live or maintain family ties in the Clark County area. Criteria for judging successful proposals include:

  • Clarity of the proposed project
  • Personal and cultural meaning of the project to the candidate
  • Ability to complete the project during the school year and share in a public setting
  • Candidate’s ties to the Clark County, Washington community

Candidates can apply with a cover letter and a one-page description of a proposal for a cultural project that can be completed. The submission should describe their cultural connection to the Clark County area Indigenous community. Email us at info@confluenceproject.org. This opportunity will remain open until filled.

The project must be shared in a public setting such as a school, Tribal, or community event and/or online, additionally Confluence will work with regional Tribal Museums to potentially display the final project. Successful candidates will receive their scholarship upon completion of the cultural project and will be available for anything that supports the candidate’s educational endeavors. If needed, funding is available for supplies to complete the project. Any artwork or project produced will remain the property of the student. Confluence may ask to share the art at future events and images of the project and the creation process in marketing materials and social media.