Call for Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers! Read more below for a description of roles, such as Zoom assistance and summer volunteering at Camp Confluence. Sign up to volunteer here.

Zoom Stage Managers

All Zoom volunteers should be able to start/stop, record, share slides, share videos, set up/manage breakout rooms, support chat, add links to chat during the meeting and arrive 30 minutes before and stay 30 minutes after the event.

Field School: Field School is a four-week cultural literacy workshop for professionals centered on learning about Columbia River Indigenous culture from Columbia River Indigenous people. The first three weeks are online; the fourth is in person. Confluence needs a Zoom stage manager that has medium to advanced skills to help with the first three sessions. Depending on your availability, you can sign up for one, two, or all three.

Professional Development Cohorts: Confluence hosts virtual workshops for educators across multiple content areas and will provide space to align with Oregon’s Tribal History/Shared History (Senate Bill 13) and Washington’s Since Time Immemorial through asynchronous and synchronous learning. These are 3-day sessions, and we prefer Zoom stage managers to commit to all 3.

Learning Community: The Confluence Learning Community works with educators who want to deepen their connections and relationships with Indigenous Knowledge Systems. The community meets monthly and needs a Zoom stage manager.

Camp Confluence: Camp Confluence is the next step from Confluence field trips and starts this summer. Volunteers should be available during summer, pass background check/fingerprinting/CPR, support camp programming and work with Camp Coordinator and Education Manager to set up/break down, deliver snacks, support Native Educators, support preparing supplies for camp, and support transitions between activities. And have fun!

Zoom Skill Levels:

Please indicate on the volunteer form your skill level in Zoom. Confluence is happy to help train volunteers in Zoom skills for our events.

Beginner: This indicates you have limited experience with Zoom but are comfortable and would like to learn more.
Medium: You may have used Zoom quite a bit as an attendee and hosted some meetings, but have yet to manage a larger scale Zoom meeting, but are comfortable with most controls.
Advanced: You have hosted Zoom events like the ones described and essentially done stage management for the events. This includes comfortability with hosting Breakout Rooms, sharing Videos, and PowerPoint.