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Table of Contents from Volume One—Read Here.Voices of the River, Vol 1, Table of Contents

Research Articles from the Library:
We Need Another Path: Indigenous Approaches to Sustainability
In this article, Keri E. Iyall Smith (Cowlitz) details how, by taking cues from Indigenous Peoples who see the natural world as relatives, equal to humans, entitled to protections and thoughtful (minimal) use, it is possible to shift away from attitudes that expanded in the colonial era, which see land as a thing to be conquered and with resources to be extracted.

Buckshot for Brains: Mainstream News Coverage of the 9,000-year old Skeleton Snatched from the Columbia River
Social discourse is the way most individuals will have learned about Kennewick Man. In this article, communications scholar Cynthia-Lou Coleman (Osage) dives into the historical pseudoscience roots and present impact of the coverage — through newspapers, blogs, websites, and books– surrounding The Ancient One. This type of coverage has a direct impact on the Indigenous Peoples from the Columbia River.

How Learning About Salmon Connects Kids to Culture (and the Seven Fish They Should Know)
For Native people of the Columbia River system, knowledge about salmon has been passed down through the generations, since time immemorial. Emily Washines (Yakama) explains how fish are intertwined with River Peoples’ past, present, and future. This article highlights several important subjects and resources, along with how seven fish of the Nch’i Wāna (Columbia River) are intertwined with tribal identity.

Creative Non Fiction:

Seeking Safety

In this piece, Carlee Wilson (Chinook) brings to life the journey of her ancestor Ilchee, whose statue people pass every day in Vancouver, WA.