Story Gathering

Rabbits and Rivers: An evening of language, stories, and river memories

October 1, 2022
5:00 pm
Sacajawea Historical State Park

This event is part of the Pacific Northwest History Conference, which Confluence is sponsoring. We’re excited to be planning the closing event!

The conference will end with a closing event at Sacagawea Historical State Park in Pasco cohosted by the Washington State Historical Society, Oregon Historical Society, Confluence, and Washington State Parks. We will come together to enjoy food and beverages and reflect on the ideas and conversations that emerged throughout the conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the interpretive center, engage with the Confluence Story Circles, designed by Maya Lin, and explore the site through the lenses of place names, dance, language, storytelling, teaching, and remembering. The evening will culminate with a Confluence Story Gathering, moderated by Emily Washines, bringing together Native Elders and leaders for a story-driven conversation about the histories, living cultures, and ecologies of the Columbia River system.

Note: You must be registered with the conference to attend.