Professional Development Cohort – Jan 2024

January 18 and 25
4pm - 6pm PST

This virtual workshop is for educators across multiple content areas and will provide space to align with Oregon’s Tribal History/Shared History (Senate Bill 13) and Washington’s Since Time Immemorial through asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Oregon has implemented Tribal History/Shared History and in Washington Since Time Immemorial and as educators start and continue teaching these lessons, questions may arise about how to respectfully teach Indigenous history and lift Indigenous voices in classrooms.

Over the 2-day virtual workshop and asynchronous pre-learning, the cohort will examine Tribal History/Shared History Essential Understanding and use other tools to build relationships with content that aligns with Tribal History/Shared History and Since Time Immemorial. The cohort will learn directly from Indigenous workshop facilitators, and have the opportunity to think through concepts together. Additionally, educators will have the opportunity to examine and walk-through Tribal History/Shared History lessons and Washington’s Since Time Immemorial lessons as a cohort, and be more prepared to teach Tribal History/Shared History and Washington’s Since Time Immemorial lessons in classrooms.

Workshop Facilitators:

Louise Wilmes (Native Hawaiian, Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma)
Daria Martin Bigham (Yavapai-Apache & Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nations)
Heather Shá xat k’ei Gurko (Tlingit/Dutch)

Cohort Dates: Thursday 1/18/24 and 1/25/24

4pm – 6pm PST