Curator Stephanie Littlebird and Five Oaks Museum

February 23, 2021
11am - 12:30pm

This is a non-Confluence event

Listening to help integrate values-based equity:
Guest curator Stephanie Littlebird in conversation with Five Oaks Museum


Stephanie Littlebird Fogel (Grand Ronde, Kalapuya) is a visual artist, professional writer and curator of “This IS Kalapuyan Land” at Five Oaks Museum.
Molly Alloy and Nathanael Andreini are Co-directors at the Five Oaks Museum.

“When an institution like a historical museum opens itself up for critique, there will inevitably be some painful and maybe shameful revelations. White supremacy permeates much of higher learning and institutional thought, and most of us have yet to fully realize this. However, through critical dialog the institution can start to rectify past transgressions, model progressive behavior for other institutions, and begin the process of decentering whiteness as an authority. If a museum is brave enough to withstand the criticism, the potential for real structural change is much greater. When a museum makes honest attempts to reform, by sharing its perceived cultural authority with marginalized groups, a richer more holistic conversation can be had.” – Stephanie Littlebird

Five Oaks Museum uses a values-centered and heart-centered approach to their work. They have switched to a guest curator model, allowing curators to decide the exhibition, which, in turn, has implications for how that exhibition affects the structure of the museum.

You don’t do equity in bits and pieces. By collaborating with others to explore how art, culture and history shape the past and influence the future, Five Oaks helps visitors connect to a collective local history made up of community voices and the important stories they tell.

Join Stephanie, Molly and Nathanael as they talk about the process of curating and exhibiting “This IS Kalapuyan Land.” Bring your own personal value(s) you hold close and discuss how to institutionalize them in your museum and work.

OMA members: $15
Non-members: $25