Road Trip

Confluence Road Trip: Lower Columbia River to the Coast

July 13, 2019
Vancouver, Bay Center and Cape Disappointment

Indigenous Sovereignty and Resilience on the Columbia River

road trip noun
definition of a road trip

1 : an interesting way to get from one place to another
2 : a journey, travel that prioritizes experience and observation over arriving at a destination
3 : a state of mind

A Confluence Road Trip allows you to dig deeper into the storied landscape of the Columbia River. Time at sites of cultural and environmental significance with Indigenous speakers is a chance to hear first-person insights into Native culture and history. You will come away with a richer understanding of tribal sovereignty, cultures based on reciprocity and the legacy of Native resilience. Confluence Road Trips are designed for educators, including classroom teachers, but anyone who is curious is welcome.

Lower Columbia River to the Coast
July 13-14, 2019

This trip begins with a visit to the Confluence Land Bridge at Fort Vancouver. Then we will travel to Bay Center, Washington as guests of the Chinook Nation for a traditional salmon bake, drum and song. The following morning we will visit Cape Disappointment and the Confluence artworks connecting you to Chinook homelands and where Lewis and Clark first saw the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the journey you will meet guest speakers from the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, the Chinook Nation and Cape Disappointment State Park.

Cost: $200. This includes honoraria for guest speakers, one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner. Not included, transportation and one night accommodation. Camping is available.

For questions, contact Program Manager Courtney Yilk or call our office at 360.693.0123.