Along the Columbia: Maya Lin and the Confluence Project

April 30 – December 15, 2021
Whitman College’s Maxey Museum

This is a non-Confluence event, hosted by Whitman College.

An exhibition devoted to the Confluence Project and Maya Lin will take place at Whitman College’s Maxey Museum in late spring and summer of 2021. The Confluence Project is a series of six earthworks designed by Lin and situated at historically significant points of contact between settler colonists, Indigenous peoples, species, and ecologies along the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. The show is featured as part of the international initiative Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss, devoted to art and artists whose work addresses the environment and climate change. Maxey Museum will display archival materials about the construction of the Confluence Project sites while addressing how the development of the Columbia River as an extractive resource was, and continues to be, shaped by legacies of racialized disenfranchisement, displacement and violence over the past two centuries.

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While the Maxey Museum is technically closed due to COVID, they are opening it up to appointment viewings. Libby Miller is the Maxey Museum Director (millerem@whitman.edu) and you can contact her for a viewing.