Christine Ganuelas: “My Teacher Said We Have an Indian Princess in Here,”

In this excerpt, Christine Ganuelas recalls a experience she had in boarding school.

Transcript: I’d like to tell you an experience I had and I don’t remember what grade it was in but I know it was like grade school. I remember sitting in class and we used to have children from Salem from public schools who used to come out to tour our schools. They’d come in, they’d walk around the room, and all of ‘em, we’re just surrounded by ‘em. And our teacher would say, “And we have an Indian princess in here.” And she’d make me stand up, I hated to stand up. I’m in my government dress, my government shoes, I didn’t look anything like a princess. I hated that, I hated that. There’s no such thing as a Indian princess. Of course, you can’t tell them that. That always stuck with me

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