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Even after the advent of photography, artists played a role in capturing eclipses, he says. He points to this lithograph of a total eclipse in Wyoming in 1878, produced by a French artist named Etienne Trouvelot. It is less detailed than modern photographs, but arguably more beautiful. The lithograph leaves some room for interpretation, letting your eye and brain do the work. A photograph is more passive, simply collecting light through a lens. Etienne Trouvelot, Lithograph in colour, Total eclipse of sun; observed 29 July 1878. Science Museum / SSPL

Plunge Into Darkness Part III: The Great Eclipse of 1878

PLUNGE INTO DARKNESS: August 21, 2017, will be the first total solar eclipse that was visible in the Northwest since 1970. This is the third installment of a 4 part series that reviews the recorded total solar eclipses that affected people, legends and scientific discoveries with connections to the Pacific Northwest between 1503 and 1970. more >

Camas Prairie, ID – Incited the Bannock War of 1878 when naïve settlers foolishly allowed their hogs to destroy the carefully tended Camas Prairie that was so well-cared for many thousands of years by Native Americans.

Profound Role of Camas in the Northwest Landscape

The Pacific Northwest is known for its wealth of agricultural and natural resources. Learn more about Camas, a First Food so important it caused major conflicts and even war among settlers and the indigenous people of the northwest. more >