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Matsura & Chelsea Woodward pose outdoors with rifle and camera in 1908.

Images of the Northwest: Part II “The Photo Man”

In Part II of Images of the Northwest, learn about Frank Sakae Matsura, a Japanese photographer who spent much of his time in the northern regions of the Columbia River in Okanagan country. more >

Cape Horn, Columbia River, Oregon; Carleton Watkins

Images of the Northwest: Part I Carleton E. Watkins

The iconic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest have captured the imagination of many photographers and artists. The legacy of early photographer Carleton E. Watkins depicts an amazing perspective of this region. more >

Mount Hood, Oregon. Albert Bierstadt. Undated. Believed to be Bierstadt’s first rendering of four paintings of Mount Hood, Oregon. Chinookan people and canoes sail the Columbia River and wait on shore. Measuring 35 x 60 inches, the painting manifests Bierstadt’s ability to transfer his personal sense of wonderment to the viewer through his adept use of perspective, light, color and composition. Auctioned at Christie’s in May 2017.

An Artist’s Price for Manifest Destiny

Artists play an important role in both propaganda and the multitude of ways that history is recorded. Albert Bierstadt was a skilled painter, known to paint stunning detailed panoramas of the west meant to attract east coast Americans to find settlement out here. more >

9305-B7046.  Nancy Jim (left) and Hannah Sohappy Yallup are cleaning the first salmon caught for the traditional Feast of the First Salmon at Celilo village, April 7, 1940.

Seasonal Gathering Rounds Sustained Columbia River Peoples

Through the centuries, Native American women of the Pacific Northwest have been known as the “gatherers” of their tribes. Their role included a number of activities tied to the “seasonal rounds”–Long journeys that took families to different areas of the Northwest to gather food and other materials. more >