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An image from Journal to the Rocky Mountains in the Years 1804-5-6; As related by Patrick Gass, One of the Officers of the Expedition. Artist unknown, published in 1847. The Lewis and Clark party was weathering up to ten feet of snow in the mountains of Idaho on June 16, 1806. They were headed home. No mention of the solar eclipse appears in any of their journals.

Plunge Into Darkness: Earliest Recorded Solar Eclipses in the Pacific Northwest

PLUNGE INTO DARKNESS: August 21, 2017, will be the first total solar eclipse that was visible in the Northwest since 1970. Introducing a 4-part blog series that reviews the recorded total solar eclipses that affected people, legends and scientific discoveries with connections to the Pacific Northwest between 1503 and 1970. more >

Celilo Canal circa 1920 postcard.  Credit: A.M. Prentiss Photo. Published by Lipschuetz and Katz, Portland, Oregon. Card #401. In the private collection of Lyn Topinka.

Before The Dam, Celilo Canal Built For ‘Progress’

By Mary Rose While researching the Washington Territory town of Ainsworth, near the Confluence Story Circles in today’s Pasco, Washington, I discovered a connection between the Celilo Canal and my elementary school. I grew up at Pasco, and learned that … more >


Welcome to Tributaries, a Confluence History Blog

Welcome to Tributaries of Time! This blog is a way for Confluence, through the research of historian Mary Rose, to document the stories that shaped the Columbia River system. Confluence sites are a framework for understanding our region’s origins more deeply. Like streams flowing toward a big river of story, each tale helps us connect in a more meaningful way to where we’ve been and where we’re going. more >