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View III Celilo Canal

A View of the Columbia in 1920 Part IV – The Closing Journey

The Columbia River in 1920 was free of the hydroelectric dams that would turn it into a series of lakes in the coming decades. One adventurer/journalist traveled the distance of the mighty river. In Part 4 of this series, historian Mary Rose takes us down the final stretch of this epic journey. more >

View III  Ike's Raft & Roos

A View of the Columbia in 1920 Part III – Historic Glimpses from Kettle Falls to Pasco

Part III in Lewis Freeman’s journey down the Columbia River covers stretches of rapids between Kettle Falls and Pasco, WA, now home to the Confluence Story Circles. more >

Kettle Falls, photographed by the Spokane Camera Club in 1938. The rapids were inundated by Roosevelt Lake, reservoir to the Grand Coulee Dam in 1942.

A View of the Columbia in 1920 Part II

In part II of our journey down the Columbia, the words of Lewis Freeman describe a series of harrowing rapids as he travels down river from a point near the mouth in British Columbia. more >