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Camas Prairie, ID – Incited the Bannock War of 1878 when naïve settlers foolishly allowed their hogs to destroy the carefully tended Camas Prairie that was so well-cared for many thousands of years by Native Americans.

Profound Role of Camas in the Northwest Landscape

The Pacific Northwest is known for its wealth of agricultural and natural resources. Learn more about Camas, a First Food so important it caused major conflicts and even war among settlers and the indigenous people of the northwest. more >

The Tahltan Bear dogs were likely traded to Native Americans of the Nez Perce and Plateau tribes from Canadian tribes. They are believed to be extinct today. http://www.easypetmd.com/doginfo/tahltan-bear-dog

Dogs Along the Columbia

Dogs have been good companions to people of the Pacific Northwest for a very long time. From the dogs of indigenous legends to the strange attitudes of Merriwether Lewis, this post delves into the exciting lives of our furry friends. more >