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Chief Comcomly, Lower Columbia River  Chinook. The Chief died with many of his villagers in the edpidemic of 1830. Artist unknown.

Columbia River Invaded with Spades, Notebooks, Bibles and Disease

In the years that followed the Lewis and Clark expedition, newcomers came to the Columbia River thumping bibles, trading furs, carrying spades and bringing with them new cultural practices, languages, beliefs and disease. more >


By Land and By Sea, First Reports of the Great River

First impressions of the Columbia River from European and American explorers were big news at the time and continue to shape our understanding of the Northwest. By land and by sea, the early reports of the Columbia River paint a picture of an indigenous canoe culture and lush landscape. more >

North Head lighthouse at Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River. Photo by 
Photo credit: weathercrazy82 https://www.wunderground.com/wximage/weathercrazy82/174

Cape’s Name Reflects Disappointment Only Of Early Explorers

Place names can be windows into history. So what to make of a name like Cape Disappointment? This gorgeous Washington State Park is Confluence’s first project site, with several art/landscape features designed by celebrated artist Maya Lin. A visit there is certainly not disappointing! Turns out, this picturesque cape was a disappointment only to early western explorers. more >