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Monthly Archives: June 2017

American bison or buffalo.

Yes, Buffalo Did Once Roam Here

Bison migration is as unpredictable as the animals themselves. There’s lots of evidence that buffalo roamed in the Northwest but not so much when early explorers came through. But native stories of Tsoo-thlum live on. more >

Louis Caywood at Fort Clatsop – a less than successful search.

The Archaeological Footprints of Louis R. Caywood

Archeologist Louis Caywood was a pioneer of studying the buried clues that’ll the story of the Columbia River. He represents a good starting point but modern archeologists have learned to dig deeper to unearth valuable insights to our past. more >

Camas Prairie, ID – Incited the Bannock War of 1878 when naïve settlers foolishly allowed their hogs to destroy the carefully tended Camas Prairie that was so well-cared for many thousands of years by Native Americans.

Profound Role of Camas in the Northwest Landscape

The Pacific Northwest is known for its wealth of agricultural and natural resources. Learn more about Camas, a First Food so important it caused major conflicts and even war among settlers and the indigenous people of the northwest. more >