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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Map showing Rupert's Land  in modern day Manitoba.

Metis Pioneers: Lured by Fraud, Succeeded Anyway

In the Northwest, you see tales of the Oregon pioneers at every small town. But there’s another story of brave pioneers that is not widely known. The Metis (pronounced ma-TEE) were pioneers of indigenous and French descent. They traveled 2,000 miles from present day Manitoba to Fort Vancouver, all on horseback and small wagons, lured by a false promise. These travelers trekked over mountains and dangerous passes to get to the Columbia River, inspired by the promises of a man they discovered was a fraud. Yet they went on to play a significant role in the early pioneer history. more >

Celilo Canal circa 1920 postcard.  Credit: A.M. Prentiss Photo. Published by Lipschuetz and Katz, Portland, Oregon. Card #401. In the private collection of Lyn Topinka.

Before The Dam, Celilo Canal Built For ‘Progress’

By Mary Rose While researching the Washington Territory town of Ainsworth, near the Confluence Story Circles in today’s Pasco, Washington, I discovered a connection between the Celilo Canal and my elementary school. I grew up at Pasco, and learned that … more >